cat having an ultrasound

Internal Medicine

Treating Illnesses Through Medication & Customized Veterinary Care

Most illnesses in animals fall under the category of internal medicine. This means that:

  •   The illnesses can be diagnosed with a thorough physical examination, sometimes accompanied by lab work, radiographs, and biopsies.
  •   The illnesses can be treated and managed with medicine instead of surgery.

At Foothills Pet Healthcare Clinic, our doctors have a special interest in internal medicine cases. Each case begins with a thorough history and a lot of listening. Often, your pet’s individual story will tell us a lot about where to look for answers. If your pet has already been treated for the condition, his or her response to previous medication and treatments is also very useful information.

While health conditions that require ongoing medical treatment can occur in any pet, they are more frequent in aging or senior pets. Our veterinarians are specifically skilled in working with and treating these older animals.

Regardless of your pet’s age, if you think your dog or cat may be suffering from an illness or chronic condition, please contact our offices for additional information or to schedule an appointment. No matter what condition your dog or cat has, you can rest assured that our veterinary staff is committed to helping your family find a solution for living with and caring for your pet. We understand that each pet owner’s circumstances are unique and that each pet’s tolerance and personality is special. We will recommend individualized care plans that meet the needs of both you and your pet so that you will be well equipped to provide your pet with the care he or she needs to continue living a healthy and happy life for many years to come.

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