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Behavior and Training Services

Pet Trainers in Mount Airy

We believe the pet owner is the best trainer for a pet and that our role is to help the owner understand normal behavior and assist in integrating pets into the household “pack.” We encourage understanding and gentle redirection in all behavioral issues. Our puppy and kitten wellness programs focus heavily on behavior and we spend time during each visit discussing behavior concerns in all areas from house breaking to aggression toward other pets and people. We also offer consultations for adult pets in areas such as separation anxiety, thunderstorm phobias, aggression toward other pets, house soiling, and geriatric behavior changes. We may recommend behavior-modifying drugs depending on your pet’s unique situation. It’s important to remember that many abnormal behaviors are related to underlying health issues. With a thorough physical exam and appropriate lab work, we can identify and manage physical illnesses that may manifest themselves in the form of bad pet behavior.

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