In addition to using the most recent advances in veterinary treatment, we’re pleased to offer alternative treatment options for our patients in Mount Airy and surrounding communities. Acupuncture for dogs and cats utilizes the same concepts as acupuncture for humans. Traditional Chinese medicine charts energy channels, called meridians, throughout our bodies and those of our pets. There are 173 acupuncture points that can affect the flow of energy in the bodies of animals. Diseases, pain, and many other medical conditions disrupt the flow of energy through meridians. When finely tipped needles are inserted into acupoints, our experienced doctor can balance your pet’s energy channels for a therapeutic effect to help treat many medical conditions. 

How Acupuncture Helps Your Pet 

Through acupuncture, we create certain physiological changes in your pet’s body to stimulate healing. When needles are carefully placed into acupoints, nerves are stimulated, blood circulation is increased, muscles are relaxed, and endorphins are released. When your pet feels a rush of endorphins, they feel happy, and pain is blocked. The stress hormone cortisol is also regulated through the use of acupuncture therapy. When cortisol is imbalanced, it is released in higher or lower amounts than needed. This imbalance can cause many negative, physiological effects in your pet. 

The following medical issues commonly benefit from acupuncture therapy: 

  • Bone and joint diseases 
  • Osteoarthritis 
  • Chronic pain 
  • Nerve injuries 
  • Gastrointestinal problems 

Though these are the most common uses for acupuncture, it has benefits for many issues. The goal is to help achieve overall balance and wellbeing. Please ask us if you think acupuncture may benefit your pet. 

Ancient Techniques from Experienced Doctors 

Acupuncture needles are extremely thin and should cause your pet little to no discomfort. Because incorrect placement of needles and improper sterilization can inhibit the therapeutic effects you’re trying to induce, acupuncture should only be performed by trained veterinarians.

Dr. Kathryn Johnson became a Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist in 2016 through the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society. For more information about our acupuncture services and how they can help your pet, please contact us at 336-789-0009. We look forward to hearing from you.