kittens sharing bed

Wellness Care for Cats

Cats Are Unique — So Is Our Approach to Treating Them

If you own a kitten or a cat, you already know your pet is special. You’ll be glad to know the veterinarians at and Foothills Pet Healthcare Clinic have a special appreciation for your cat or kitten’s unique health care needs.

Our veterinarians have a fondness for feline pets and the people who love and care for them. We know that cats have distinctive personalities and we are aware of the specific factors that trigger stress or fear responses in cats. We use this knowledge to approach and care for your cat in a way that will help ensure your pet’s comfort, long-term happiness, and well being.

Veterinary Care for Cats and Kittens

Our veterinarians have developed feline-specific vaccine protocols and wellness care tailored specifically to the needs of cats and kittens. Our vaccine choices are based on scientifically proven safety and efficacy, and are tailored to the different risk factors in your cat’s life. In addition, if your cat or kitten requires surgery, we have anesthesia and pain relief plans designed specifically for cats to keep your pet comfortable and reduce anxiety and pain.

Our doctors also have extensive experience treating diseases and health conditions common to cats and kittens, including:

  •   Discounted spay and neuter
  •   Pyometra
  •   Cryptorchid neuter
  •   C-section
  •   Wound repair and reconstruction
  •   Urogenital obstruction repair
  •   Trauma repair
  •   Oral surgery and dental procedures
  •   Tumor and mass removal
  •   Thoracic wall repair
  •   Foreign body removal
  •   Bone fracture repair including internal and external fixation
  •   Eyelid surgery
  •   Amputation
  •   Hernia repair
  •   Femoral head surgery
  •   Diaphragmatic hernia
  •   Stifle surgery (cruciate and patellar surgeries)
  •   Stomach and intestinal surgeries
  •   Biopsies
  •   Prolapse repair
  •   Anal gland removal
  •   Tail docking
  •   Splenectomy
  •   Orthopedic surgeries
  •   Calculi removal and bladder surgery
  •   Exploratory surgeries
  •   Prostatic cyst surgery
  •   Gastropexies
  •   Mammary gland removal

Additional Feline Services

Our custom care and treatment for cats and kittens extends beyond veterinary services to our cat grooming and cat boarding services. No matter what services your cat or kitten requires, you can trust the experts at Foothills Pet Healthcare Clinic to provide compassionate, quality solutions for your feline family members.