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Skin Care & Dermatology

A Comprehensive Approach to Pet Skin Care

The condition of your pet’s skin is like a window into your dog or cat’s overall health. By examining your pet’s skin, we can often detect and treat other veterinary conditions that may be affecting your pet. Our veterinarians maintain a special focus on diagnosing, managing, and treating pet skin conditions, including:

  •   Itching
  •   Chewing
  •   Hair loss
  •   Dry skin
  •   Ear diseases
  •   Abnormal hair growth
  •   External parasites such as fleas, ticks, lice, or mites
  •   Diseases caused by bacteria
  •   Fungal skin diseases such as ringworm and blastomycosis
  •   Parasitic diseases including mange
  •   Allergic reactions and hypersensitivities
  •   Food allergies
  •   Atopy and allergies
  •   Autoimmune skin diseases
  •   Immune mediated diseases
  •   Hormonally related skin conditions
  •   Lick granulomas
  •   Hereditary disorders of the skin and hair
  •   Seborrhea
  •   Pyodermas
  •   Skin diseases specific to cats such as eosinophilic granulomas, tumors, and cancers of the skin and nails
  •   Diseases of the eyelids, claws, anal sacs, and ear canals

Pet Skin Condition Diagnosis

When your pet suffers from a skin condition, the doctors at Foothills Pet Healthcare Clinic will put their expertise to work to diagnose the problem. We have a wide range of tools available, including skin scrapings, cytology, cultures, ultraviolet examination of lesions, biopsies, allergy testing, food trials, and microscopic examination of hair and dander. Before initiating any diagnostic tests, we will discuss diagnostic plans and provide an estimate upon request. We’ll also ask about your pet’s living situation and environment so we can gain a better understanding of what may have caused the skin condition. We will only recommend tests that meet the needs of you and your pet while giving us the information we require to determine the best course of action. Medications and treatments will only be prescribed once we fully understand your pet’s condition.

Simple Veterinary Treatment Plans Designed Just for You and Your Pet

Skin and ear conditions are common problems with cats and dogs. Many of these conditions can be chronic and they often become a source of frustration for the pet owner. The good news is that most pet skin conditions can be managed with effective treatment plans. Long-term management is easier and more effective when you understand the illness and the options. We will discuss your pet’s options with you to determine what kinds of treatment you feel comfortable giving your pet at home. In some cases, conditions can be spread among all of your pets and we will work with you to design a strategic plan to eliminate the problem in each family pet.

Strategic Pest Control

If your dog or cat has fleas or other external parasites, we will recommend a strategic pest control solution that may include treating other animals in your home. While we strive to recommend the most effective pest control products for your pet’s individual situation, the safety of both your pet and your family is of the utmost importance to us. You can feel confident that any treatment we prescribe will be safe for your pet as well as anyone involved with administering treatment.

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